Our Venture


From Ishwardi's fields to your kitchen, Agronic and Adgo Interactive are seasoning the world organically

The story.

In the lush green fields of Ishwardi, Bangladesh, lies a tale of flavors, health, and sustainability – this is the story of Agronic. Founded as an organic spices producer, Agronic has created a harmony between traditional spice cultivation and modern, sustainable practices. They specialize in growing an array of spices, including chili, turmeric, cumin, and coriander, on their fertile farmlands.

Agronic's journey is about more than just spice production. It's about forging deep, authentic relationships with local farmers. Through these partnerships, Agronic not only supports the community but also ensures that every spice they produce is aromatic, flavorful, and wholesomely organic. This commitment makes them stand out as the original all-organic spice brand, living up to their promise with every product they cultivate and bring to the global table.

The core belief of Agronic is simple yet profound: nourishing lives and preserving the Earth for future generations. This belief translates into their dedication to producing inherently better food – pure, simple, and organically grown. By exporting their high-quality spices to North America, they are not only ensuring the quality of their products but also sharing the essence of Bangladesh's rich agricultural heritage with the world.

Embracing organic practices for Agronic is more than a business model; it's a philosophy. It symbolizes a healthy way of life and a commitment to fair dealings, contributing to a healthier society. They understand that great-tasting organic food is not just beneficial for our bodies but also for the planet. This simple choice, they believe, makes a significant difference in today’s world, where people are increasingly seeking food that aligns with nature's systems.

Partnering with Adgo Interactive was a pivotal step in Agronic's growth. Adgo provided comprehensive support, helping Agronic grow from its roots. From innovative packaging and branding to strategic brand building and marketing, Adgo played a crucial role. They also aided in expanding Agronic’s international sales, ensuring that the brand’s essence was effectively communicated and appreciated globally.